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razor blade hips and arms like matchsticks

University of EdNos=Love

I really like these two websites:



I'm starting the Leave Me Love program in the University Of EDNOS (1st link) to slowly ease myself back into a more extreme diet. I'm aiming for under 1000 calories a day, with up to 1400 if I'm doing a lot of exercise, if I'm sick or if I totally plateau. I'm also going to eat healthier (meaning no more 5 cookies, 8 marshmallows and about 5 million tablespoons of peanut butter eaten so fast it's terrifying & disgusting).

Also, I'm feeling motivated because although i've gained weight, at least some of it is muscle, since I now wear a (very tight) size 1 instead of a tight size 3 or even a 5 at the beginning of the summer. My goal is to be a size 0.

Does anyone want to do a University of EDNOS program with me? I can offer loads of support and thinspo (even if we weren't doing the same program).

Also, does anyone think it would be worth starting a Uni of EDNOS weightloss community on LJ?

Think thin, beautifuls!

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