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nonugly_ana's Journal

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1. If you want to be a member, you need to post your pictures, at least once,even if you don't want them judged. This is to keep the trolls at bay. With an open-commenting system, you run the risk of heavy "troll" traffic, and we want sincere comments.

2. If you have not posted your pictures, your votes DO NOT COUNT. If you comment, and your comment contains a vote, it won't count, and it's

3. Once you have posted your pictures, and been given a stamp, you can vote. The majority of votes will determine the stamp. You can re-submit your pictures after 7 days (but only once) if you do not have a YES stamp.Once you have the YES stamp, you may submit pictures as often as you like. A vote will be determined after 15 votes, unless there are not enough votes, in which case the vote will be determined when the moderators see fit. Also you need 4 YES votes from moderators to be accepted. Please be patient for a stamp. If you haven't received a stamp after 3 days, make another post with a link to your first one. If you want to submit pictures and NOT have them voted on, please put "no vote" in your submission. But remember, you can comment, but not vote.

4. Post your pictures behind an LJ cut (see Live Journal FAQ). Make sure they're not HUGE, and also not TINY. Please post pictures that show your whole face. If the pictures are too close-up, it's difficult to judge, and you probably won't get a fair rating. Make sure pictures are clear enough too. Excessive contrast doesn't really do anyone justice. Also, we apparently do not like pics of your bum, breasts, graphic nudity or graphic
violence. Leave those out.

5. Include whatever information about yourself you want---beauty is on the inside too.

6. Please do not harass individual members' journals. You will be banned for